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Accounting area

Accounting area

Our office addresses mainly to both corporations (s.p.a.- limited liability companies (s.r.l.) and partnerships (limited parternship(s.a.s.) - general partnerships(s.n.c.), associations, foundations, businessmen, italian and foreign one-man companies, with the possibility of assisting them in every stage of their lives, from start-up to liquidation.

Our business is:

- Advisory services on balance sheet and bookkeeping;
- Tax audit (personal taxation planning, compilation of income tax return, IRES, IRAP, IVA(VAT), withholding agent, fiscal advices, CTU (technical adviser appointed by the Tribunal);

- Taxation representation (tax contentious and deflation instruments:
tax assessment settlement, self-defence, tax clearance application);
- Corporate restructuring (conveyance, liquidation, business rental, corporate merging, conferring, company division);

- Drafting of estimates and business valuation;

- Preventive assistance for insolvency procedure and company crisis management;

- sales of company shares;
- Economic and financial consulting (business plan, budget);

- Financial audit;
- Contract consultancy (real estate transaction, lease, contract);
- Legal counseling for tax court process and for corporate disputes;
- Employment consultancy;
- Facilitated financing.